In the small town of Punta Gorda, Florida, young Bobby Weeks messes around in his dad’s stuff and finds an old fireman game. He takes it but plans to return it later, not knowing that he’s just set a plot in motion that could get him and his whole family killed. Soon, some thugs called Dog and Jug come knocking, and the trouble begins.

Detective Gill Phuk and his partner Hattie Shanks are the top detectives of their division, not that there’s often much to do in their quiet community. When things start to go a bit haywire, they’re called in to investigate. They’re used to dealing with a colorful mix of characters, but when a multiple murder occurs, it’s all hands on deck.

Bobby never could have guessed a silly game could cause so much destruction, but he also probably didn’t know his dad, Bill, was designing a search engine for the military. Phuk and Shanks have trouble of their own dealing with a notorious criminal known as the “Commander.” Thugs and suspicious beauties run amok in this small historic town as two tough detectives try to solve a mystery, stop a crime, and save the day.


Excerpt from Cluster Phuk