He didn’t have the chip. He was upset with himself for taking advantage of his friend. He couldn’t move forward with the sale unless he had the chip and schematics, too. Speaking to Dog, Sanders explained, “We need a computer hacker that can break into CMS’ servers. Do you know anyone that can handle that kind of job?”

Dog answered, “No problem. I can call Jellybean. She can hack any code man can create!”

Lou asked, “What the hell is a Jellybean? Is that a name or what? I am getting tired of fucking with this whole thing. I’m serious!”

“Should we just call it quits, Lou? You don’t owe us that much money yet. Say the word and we can go our separate ways.”

He thought for a moment and said, “Can this person be trusted to keep her mouth shut? If so, we need to meet right away. I may still be able to make this thing work. Tell me about your friend.”

“She won’t meet face-to-face with anyone, ever. She and I had a thing a while back. She doesn’t get out much these days since she almost got caught by the Feds. She keeps herself out of sight, but I can call her.”

Sanders gave his okay as long as he was sure he could trust this Jellybean person. Sanders said, “I don’t want any trouble with this Jellybean making off with any of the information in this file. You may have to kill her once we get the file open. You got a problem with that?”

Dog wasn’t expecting to hear that. She was a friend. “You want her dead? She will be helping us out. She gets dead for that. Maybe I should find someone else. I am not going to kill my friend for helping me on this.”

Sanders suggested, “Maybe we can bring her in on the plan and pay her for her work.”

Dog thought to himself, How generous Sanders is. Let’s pay her instead of killing her for her trouble. What an asshole. “I will see where her mind is before she starts. It will take some time to break in, but I’m sure she can handle it.”